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Seattle Gets Snubbed

Seattle basketball fans take aim at Sacramento and NBA

In light of my recent article in which I half-bashed the NBA for being an evil dictatorship, I find it necessary that the actions of a select few in our city be addressed.
I’m talking about the rise in hate around Seattle for the NBA and Sacramento.

Now, I want the Sonics back as much as the next guy, but let me be clear: Taking shots at the city of Sacramento for fighting to keep their team is just wrong.

Spurs Poised to Produce the Most Exciting Series yet

The NBA Finals are starting this month, and include two very talented teams: the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.

These teams are very similar in their approach to the game. Both play with a well-balanced attack and feature a set of three players who are known for carrying the workload, often leading their respective teams to victory.

The San Antonio Spurs’ trio includes Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili, while the Heat have Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and the ever-popular LeBron James.

Honor lent to Seattle's Eldest Vetaran at Mariners Game

Shoreline student’s grandfather throws opening pitch at Safeco Field

Shoreline Cheer Begins Search for New Squad

Students take part in tryouts to show Dolphin pride.

Tennis Season Cuts the Racket

Lady Dolphin’s finish rough men go out on good note

After a tumultuous Spring quarter, the season has come to an end for the men and women of Shoreline tennis.

To close the year out, both teams traveled to Spokane to participate in the NWAACC tournament to compete against other community colleges around the Northwest.

The Lady Dolphins have had a rough season to say the least. Working with a smaller team than others in the conference, as well as a tough schedule, they were not able to secure a win all season.

NBA Player Opens Doors for Others by Coming Out

Student-athletes share their perspective

12-year veteran of the NBA, Jason Collins, recently revealed that he is gay in a front-page Sports Illustrated article, becoming the first ever active player to come out in any of the four major pro sports.

This news resulted in varying reactions around the sports community. A plethora of players have came out saying that they support him and they think that what Collins did was brave, other analysts bashed and questioned him for the choice.

Just Playing Golf

Erik Wallis, 31, is the happiest golfer at the driving range.
With all his weight on his left leg, UW hat tilted to the side, bushy brown beard, and sand wedge in hand, he lines up on the left side of the ball. With a staggered stance and shoulders leaned over, he prepares to send another shot out onto the range.
While most of the golfers around him shout four letter words and spit with disgust because they can’t straighten out their golf stroke, he continues to smile and just keeps playing.

Around the Horn

NBA: Fair democracy or cruel dictatorship?

SCC Sports Roundup

Baseball and Women’s tennis struggle, Softball and Men’s Tennis remain in the playoff hunt



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