Star of 'Heart of the Game' Now Coaches SCC

Former assistant coach Darnellia Russell stars in a new role as head coach for the SCC women's basketball team.

Two White-Knuckle Tie Breakers at Shoreline vs. Olympic

Down by 20 points at the end of the first half, the SCC women’s basketball team looked like they were going into their ninth loss this season. The home-team crowd was quiet coming out for the second half but the team came out alive. Outscoring their opponents, SCC make a solid second half comeback to force Olympic College into over-time.

SCC Hoop-Lord Could Land “Best in League”

Perhaps what stands out most at a Shoreline Community College basketball game, apart from the blast of the horn signalling the start of the first quarter, is the presence of one player in particular, wearing the number 32 on his teal jersey.

Shoreline’s Momentum Keeps Rolling

Shoreline Community College’s mens basketball team won a remarkable eight of their last nine games, coming within one game shy of the playoffs last year.

SCC Soccer Season Ends with Raising Star


The women’s soccer season may be over, but they were left with a rising star. Freshman and team captain Hayley Warren from Tahoma High School has gained recognition that few will ever achieve when she was selected as a candidate for the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) this season.

Volleyball Team Rising to its Potential

With the sun setting, the gymnasium of Shoreline Community College is nearly empty of life except for the echoes of laughter bouncing out of an open door.

New Members “On the Fence” about Campus Sporting Club.


There’s enough gear to outfit a small army waiting for members to partake in the art of fencing.

Shoreline Sports Rundown

The Dolphins have been running up against some tough challenges, including injuries on all levels and hard pressed competitors. The bar has been set, and Shoreline is rising to win.
SCC has Aaron Howe dual hatting as both men and women’s soccer head coach, and Casey Collins as the assistant coach. “I love the coach, I love both of them. They work well as a team,” says soccer phenomenon Hayley Warren.



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