Emergency Drills Should be Mandatory at SCC

Pick an emergency (natural disaster, shooting, fire) then think of what you would do if this emergency were to occur while you were sitting in class tomorrow. Run? Call for help? Panic?

Answers to this frightening yet realistic question may seem easy when you are not at school. Take shelter, get out of the house, and call 911 are all standard procedures we have been taught from a young age. However, when on campus, each of our actions has an impact not only on our own safety, but on the safety of those around us.

Sticks & Stones Break Bones, Words Hold Power

[Disclaimer: The following letter is satirical.]
“Quit bein’ a bitch!” “Faggot” “That’s gay!” “Don’t be a pussy!” “Man-up!” Slurs and phrases like this have an effect on the way we think. Yes, they’re just words, but they are words that marginalize humans, and inflict fear of simply being who they are.

I Like the Way You Ride That Bus, Girl

The bus is a place unlike any other. A ride on the bus is always sure to be fascinating. Here are some of my favorite metro occurrences.

Empty seats with bags on them when the bus is full. It would be awful if you had to sit next to another person, wouldn’t it? I much prefer standing with my backpack filled with three textbooks, notebooks, binders, and my Macbook. I’m sure Casper is thankful for all those seats that are saved for him.

Political Cartoon

My Hometown of Oso, Washington

If you had told me 10 years ago the small mountain town I grew up in would be the center of the nation’s attention, I would have brushed you off as crazy and dismissed your ramblings as nonsense.

Well, in fact, that’s exactly what happened.

Evaluations Should be Mandatory

At the end of every semester comes an important, but sometimes overlooked, aspect to the education process: course evaluations.

Should Guns Be a School Supply?- Guns are a right, not a necessity

Gun control has been a hot topic lately. It seems every year there are more and more tragedies around the country involving very violent mass shootings. The constant debates over laws are all over the country, and it comes as no surprise that there is a frenzy of emotion from both sides.

Should Guns Be a School Supply?- You don’t shoot me, I don’t shoot you

This isn’t an easy thing to convince people of, but with the intention of keeping people from shooting up a college campus, the people who walk through its breezeways and sit in its classrooms need to come to class just as armed and ready as Seung-Hui Cho was on Apr. 16 ‘07 when he killed 32 people and wounded 17 others at Virginia Tech.

People who argue for banning the sale and possession of firearms like to ignore this fact, that in the world, and in the U.S., and even in the city of Shoreline, people are in possession of firearms.

10 Things I Hate About You

A list of things people do on campus that really tick me off!

Talking in class like somehow no one else can hear you.
Because we can all hear you no matter how quietly you think you’re whispering. And is now really the time to bust out the Nutella and graham crackers? “The teacher’s trying to teach and students are having side conversations. Sometimes it’s about the test next week, but it’s not about what’s being taught right now. It makes me more stressed out,” said SCC student Michelle Frazier.

The battle of online dating: the good, the bad and the creepy/ YES

The battle of online dating: the good, the bad and the creepy
Online dating shouldn’t be a taboo

Wouldn’t it be nice to just already know what you have in common on your first date rather than trying to fish for conversation? Online dating is an efficient way to meet your future partner. Despite being an established way of meeting people, there’s still judgement felt in the room when someone admits to dating online.



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