Financial Aid Delayed After Staff is Halved


Students storm out of the financial aid line, irritated at advisors and advisors irritated at students. The entire financial aid center has been a mess ever since half of the staff left the office in late July, which has been stressful for both students and faculty.

Jazz Improv Band Swinging for Upcoming Performances

What’s happening behind closed doors in the music building could be touring the town, if only the band members could get into it.

Handyman Makes Students Smile


You see him scaling the roof of campus buildings, driving an old tan Ford work truck around campus, crawling out of holes in the ground, and treading through bushes. Yup, that’s Duane Oestreich, one of Shoreline Community College’s handymen.

Shoreline Student at Forefront of Cannabis Branding

Something you might not expect to see on campus is in the works by one of Shoreline Community College's graphic design students. William Finsel is working on a branding project for a medical marijuana dispensary.

Students Break the Rules for Class Assignment

Eating with your hands may be a social taboo, but in one Shoreline Community College class, it’s actually applauded.

Is the Math Learning Center overrun with equations?

The Math Learning Center (MLC) is less busy than rumors suggest. But is it really that bad? Or do people complain more than they praise?

New Film Studio in the Works at SCC


A new multi-purpose room is underway for Shoreline Community College. In the back of the library there lies a newly remembered space: a once completely functional filming studio with old lighting tracks still in place, that hasn’t heard the words “lights, camera, action” in quite some time. The word on the street is the room will soon be restored to it’s former glory, and then some.

Who is the Shoreline Camera Doctor?

Shake it, and it rattles unsettlingly; push the button, and nothing happens; peer into it, and the world looks hazy, dusty and dim. The last time it was cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted was 40 years ago.

Batman Teaches A Summer Course in Cinema

For students who've wondered about the politics of Batman, SCC professor Brian Martin has developed an English 101 class that blends together the study of composition with analysis of the recent Dark Knight Trilogy.

Each summer, Martin tries to offer a class that incorporates cinema into the curriculum, and a course centered around Batman has been a long time coming.

The Smile Behind SCC's Clubs

“Looking back, honestly, I’m amazed at how messed up I was as a kid. I spent a lot of time in the U-district. I was one of those ‘ave rats’, you know, bumming around, that sort of stuff.”
— Jamie Ardena



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