Winter Campus Nap Spots

Your math class. Put your books in front of you, so you can’t be seen — and be sure to wake up when your teacher walks by. — Vy Tran

The couch on the second floor in the music building. — Josh Vincent

The Fish Bowl (in the PUB). I have yet to take a nap on campus, but if I ever do it, it will be in there because it looks comfortable. — Alex Hiller

The dining room. It's warm and the large windows bring in a lot of sunlight. — Tobui Lu

The car. It's quiet, warm and no one bothers you. — Dylan Packard

“Rumors" Cast Steps Up on Stage for Final Rehearsal Before Opening Night

Shoreline’s hilarious comic performance has begun running in the campus theater. The story where a fancy dinner party turns to complete chaos runs from Dec. 5 to 7 and Dec. 12 to 14 at 7:30 p.m each night.


Prof Links Dark Knight to Plato


Philosophy professor William Lindenmuth, is the first to teach a “Philosophy Through Film” course at SCC. He believes film should be taken seriously as a medium for teaching.

Clearing the Smoke from Marijuana Reform

Since Marijuana was recreationally legalized in Washington on Dec. 6, the state has been frantically drafting the law, taking into account not only public health and safety, but also the economic potential of this untapped market. With the final revisions to Washington’s code made, we will enter 2014 with marijuana retail licensing already available.

Now a regulated industry, whether you consume it or not, you’ll feel the effects of marijuana in Washington soon. The following is information about the law, in hopes to minimize arrest and penalization born from misunderstanding.

Word on the Street

"What is your biggest pet peeve with teachers/ student?"

The Truth Behind Teacher Evaluations

Many Shoreline Community College students complain instructors fail to hand out student evaluations or take the evaluations seriously. However, all tenured and tenure-track instructors must go through evaluation processes.

Journey into the Heart of Healthcare

When I first opened Washington Healthplanfinder’s website a month ago, I felt completely lost while trying to qualify for insurance. Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became effective on March 23, 2010, there are websites spewing all kinds of information on how to apply and who to talk to about it.

Behind the Desk with Leah Pearce

By Renea Rondel

Leah Pearce is friendly, professional and happy to help anyone who ventures into the Shoreline Community College bookstore where she has worked for six years as a cashier and information desk assistant.

Are You Ready for the Bitcoin Boom?

By David A. Jimenez

If this is the first time you’ve heard the term Bitcoin since it entered circulation in ‘09, you’re a little behind the ball. Thankfully in the digital age, catching up to speed is hardly a problem.

Bitcoin is the world’s first digital, decentralized and unregulated currency. Its value isn't dependent on any other currency and there are no looming agency executing audits, controlling inflation or charging taxes.

Lessons Beneath the Soil

Nestled between the science buildings of Shoreline Community College, immediately next to building 2400, is a small garden and pond. Despite the seeming onset of winter — the yellow leaves covering the pond, the fallen brown and bruised apples and the moss-covered vegetable beds — the garden is still very much alive.



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