Ex-cop Hits the Classroom After Turning in Her Badge

Sitting on a blue exercise ball in a small office on the third floor of the FOSS building watching the Today Show on a small tv is a woman with dirty blond hair and a long-running criminal justice career. This is retired Captain Linda Forst.

Forst is an instructor of criminal justice at Shoreline Community College. She teaches Intro to Criminal Justice, Criminal Evidence and Constitutional Law, Police Operations, a class that uses a textbook she coauthored, as well as oversees the Criminal Justice internship.

Women's Center Offers Support to SCC Students

Located in the PUB within the Student Leadership Center, in room 9301, the Women’s Center describes itself as a program that “provides encouragement and resources that support student persistence and retention, personal and economic self-sufficiency, leadership opportunities and women representation in all aspects of campus community,” according to its website.

Dental Anxiety Relieved at SCC Clinic

I have a problem. I have this irrational fear of the dentist. So when Celia Moody, an SCC dental hygiene student, approached me about making an appointment at SCC’s dental clinic, I had one thought in my head: Hell no.

Racial Slurs Hold Tension Between Generations

One of the biggest songs in 2013 was Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Ni**as in Paris.” This song had many young adults around the world singing these lyrics proudly, as if they were singing the National Anthem. This song, along with others by hip-hop artists such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Tupac, can be heard blasting loudly from the speakers of cars on any given day.

Tips for Renewing Knowledge in Academic Resources

In an ideal world, students would only worry about their academic preparation and performance. However, many students have to deal with the added stress of financial concerns.

Some students are under the grace of financial aid, but it doesn’t cover all of the individual expenses students may have. To assist with these costs, consider investigating the plentiful resources available.

Ventriloquism: It’s not just for Dummies

SCC instructor shares his comedic hobby

Classroom to Canvas: SCC Takes a Leap Forward

The internet is creeping its way into every aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to the way we learn.

Online classes are becoming increasingly available, and teachers are even starting to trust Wikipedia. “There are thousands of scholars editing all the time to maintain neutrality,” said John Messerly, philosophy instructor at SCC, “and they have direct links to sources on every page… it’s the best source on the internet.”

Club Sports to Keep the Blood Flowing

With a lull in home games, Shoreline Community College sports have slowed down. Fortunately, many of the SCC clubs dedicate their time to practicing athletic hobbies.

If you are ever interested in joining any type of club, you can visit echo.shoreline.edu to try out the Shoreline Community College ECHO system.

Pre-test Tips to Take on Finals

Wednesday marks the beginning of winter finals. Have you started freaking out yet? If so, try out these five tips to help you prepare.

Student Government Elections: Meet Your Presidential Candidates

Compiled By Cherese Smith & Daria Kroupoderova
Photos by Randy Hatfield



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