SCC student body diverse but can't build bridges across cultural barriers

45 countries are represented on SCC’s campus at any time. A walk across campus offers
potential for students to expand their global horizons.
But in a place where some students leave friends behind and others show up with their high
school chums, exactly who is responsible for building those bridges is the ultimate question.
The International Education (IE) program at SCC is responsible for bringing the world to
Shoreline, sending students abroad and raising global awareness for resident students,

Muslim student association organizes clothing drive for the less fortunate

Room 1504 is filled with boxes stuffed to the brim with sweaters, scarves, jeans, and
vests. A dozen students are spread out amongst the few scattered piles of clothing
that are yet to be organized, folding pants and shirts that are now ready to be
packaged. A table covered with pizza, chips, soda, and Afghan desserts sits at the
edge of the scene, waiting to be enjoyed by any guests that may arrive.
This is the last day of the winter clothing drive, a month long event that was

ESL programs address a variety of linguistic needs

It was a late Friday morning, and a motley crew had assembled in the classroom. Six students from China were scattered across the front rows. One man from the Middle East with flecks of silver in his beard sat quietly on his own in the middle aisle. A woman from Russia was introducing her teenage daughter – who was visiting the college – to two of her classmates from Hong Kong, their voices mixing together in strident, staccato English.

Learning disabilities often appear in college

Student Service providers and instructional faculty of Psychology say a subtle learning disability or emotional disorder overlooked in high school could show up when a student reaches college and tries to adapt to the academic rigor.

Don Christensen, a professor of psychology at SCC, says that mild dyslexia or dyscalculia (difficulty with mathematics) are the most common learning disabilities exposed in college.

ABC easy as 123

“That’s how they pay for the prizes and all the stuff” said Jazmin Moreno, a participant in the
ongoing “Battle Royal” when she learned about the process to make the activity possible.

“Battle Royal,” a live action game in which competitors eliminate in stealth mode and complete
secret missions for points, was brought to SCC by the Adventure Builders Club (ABC).

From armed forces to colleges courses at Shoreline CC

More than 130,000 service members attend college each year after leaving
the military. While the post 9/11 GI Bill has influenced this influx, more student
veterans on campus mean more classrooms are needing to adapt to the military
values learned by these individuals.

Today, more and more veteran training sessions are being held around
colleges nationwide to educate staff about these sorts of values and the information
they are providing is eye opening.

Message not sent? Slow connection? No connection at all?

Message not sent? Slow connection? No Connection at all!?
Have you ever had to deal with any of these frustrations? If the answer is yes, you either spend
time in one of the dead­zones, or have AT&T.
According to Technology Support Services (TSS), a new AT&T tower in the east parking lot was

Find Adventure This Fall

Although it was a bit shy this year, fall is beginning to come out as we start our school year here at SCC.
Many of us probably think that, because summer is over, so is the season for enjoying the great
outdoors. But let’s not hang up our hiking shoes and stow away our road maps just yet! Here’s a list of
great local hikes that can be explored in a day, so we have enough time to get back to our cozy homes at

Glacier View Wilderness



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