Winston on the Street

Winston Lee is scaling the shelves at Portland’s landmark Powell’s bookstore. He’s been hunting Winston Churchill’s “The Second World War” series for ages. He made the special trip from Shoreline to Portland just to find this 1960s printing.

Lee admires Churchill. In fact, he admires the former british Prime Minister so much that he took the name Winston when he came to the United States from Hong Kong.

Randy tries: Balkan folk music

It’s good to spice life up. Whether it’s a different brand of oatmeal, a more comfortable pair of socks or exploring a new culture of music and dance, I’m always looking to dive into the unknown, and bring it back for all the bored novelty seekers out there.
A regular Saturday night may have included sitting at home or wriggling on the dance floor of some Capitol Hill bar, but I decided this evening would be a good time to switch things up.

Study abroad in Jamaica: Shoreline to the Blue Mountains

Need a little adventure? Want to learn about a new culture? Check this out.
Shoreline Community College has offered a study abroad program to Jamaica since 2000.
According to Cory Anthony, manager SCC’s study abroad program, The participants are mixed; from full time students to working students, from Psychology majors to Nursing majors to undecided students. Most of them are 19-year-old students but last year there was a 40-year-old student who participated in the program.

Sitting in

“Let’s go over the homework,” says Payne. He paces quickly to the white board,

picking up a black dry erase pen, snapping off the lid. Wasting no time, he draws

a graph as he speaks.

“I don’t know how it is that you guys buy your drugs. Whether it’s grams, pounds,

kilos, whatever...” He writes “Quantity” underneath an x­axis. “But the law of

demand says that when the price of something goes up the quantity demanded

will go down.”

He writes “Market Price” underneath the y­axis.



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