What's new with ASG?

Policy and Procedure Officer Kristia Handojo has been revising ASG’s election rules since fall quarter and has made two major additions: a 50-student signature requirement for those planning to run for office and an appeal process for those accused of committing election misconduct.
The 50-signature requirement for candidacy is replacing last year’s series of candidacy application questions. Last year’s questions, which were intended to elicit responses which would highlight students’ political prowess, are being dropped says Handojo. Students will now need signatures from 50 students on campus before they can campaign.
The dates of this application and election process are still being discussed by ASG but the elections themselves will not take place at the beginning of Spring quarter. ASG will be electing a new student president as well as a new Recognized Student Organization Officer, so students interested in either of these positions should stay tuned for important deadlines.
The appeal process for misconduct is being integrated into the election rules as a result of misconduct committed by candidates in past elections. In 2011, several candidates attempted to accumulate electronic votes by approaching random students with laptops in hand and rumors of similar behavior have been reported since. The ASG discourages this method of campaigning as students who are told to vote on the spot may not be aware of the people they are voting for.
If a person is accused of such misconduct, a deadline for appeal will be 48 hours after election results are published or after a candidate has been disqualified. The student will then be required to sit in front of all ASG board members, the accusing party and their witnesses as well as the Program Support Supervisor and Director of Student Life. A decision to disqualify a candidate will then be up to the ASG board and require a unanimous vote.

Volunteers Wanted

Emily Strensland, ASG’s Social Justice Officer has been collecting contact information of students interested in getting more involved with Student Leadership. Having created volunteer lists at both the Club Kickoff and the new student orientation this quarter, Strensland says that she would like volunteers to help out during Earth Week, beginning April 22. Students who are interested can download a volunteer application on ASG’s website by visiting sba.shoreline.edu/clubs/volunteer-opportunities/.

Margin to Center

The Arts and Entertainment Board has been organizing Margin to Center, a series of speakers and events that, according to Director of Student Life Rezina Habtemariam, focuses on “centering the histories, epistemologies, narratives, and identities of systematically marginalized peoples.”
Habtemariam says that Margin to Center is intended to make programming on campus more comprehensive and will integrate other social and political series, such as the Queer Film Festival, under the umbrella of the Margin to Center name.
While Arts and Entertainment has dropped the Colbert Lecture series from its agenda, a program they had initially hoped to revive this year, Habtemariam asserts that Margin to Center is not intended to act as a replacement.
From February to May, Margin to Center events will be held in PUB 9208. These will include a wide variety of guest appearances including writers, photographers, and hip hop artists. The first event of the series will be on Tuesday, February 16, and will feature science fiction writer Nisi Shawl, a close friend and former neighbor of author Octavia Butler – the namesake of Octavia’s Brood, the selected novel of the 2015-16 community read.

_Gregor Elgee

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