Sitting in

“Let’s go over the homework,” says Payne. He paces quickly to the white board,

picking up a black dry erase pen, snapping off the lid. Wasting no time, he draws

a graph as he speaks.

“I don’t know how it is that you guys buy your drugs. Whether it’s grams, pounds,

kilos, whatever...” He writes “Quantity” underneath an x­axis. “But the law of

demand says that when the price of something goes up the quantity demanded

will go down.”

He writes “Market Price” underneath the y­axis.

“If something is more expensive, we buy less. But the elasticity of demand

answers the question of how much. As the government gets involved and the

price gets higher, consumers use less. But in the case of heroin, being an

inelastic product, it is only a little less.”

One of the students in the rear leans back in his chair.

“The government is doing all this spending, spending twice as much fighting the

war on drugs but did it really solve the problem? Maybe a little bit. Maybe


The students wait.

“Who’s paying for this war? The taxpayers. If we legalize than we will spend less

taxes on fighting the war and we will have more revenue coming in.”

He asks the class, “Are you with it so far?”

The lecture hasn’t even reached it’s climax. He’s a good professor.

_Gregor Elgee

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