Roommate from hell: the diva, the thief and the party pooper

Roommates – they epitomize the old adage “can’t live with ‘em, can’t pay the rent without ‘em” (that last part may have been my own addition). Most college students find themselves saddled with a roommate at some point in their college career, and while this generally works out okay, sometimes a roommate might seem like they’ve crawled from depths of hell just to torment you.
The Ebbtide asked several students (anonymously) for stories about their most awful roommates. Between drama queens, thieves and people who simply forget to flush, these roommates might be even worse than yours.

“The Drama Queen”
When I was still in highschool, I had a roommate who would be a perfect definition of drama queen.
Her dad spoiled her like a princess, so I think that was the reason why she was so thirsty for attention. If things didn’t go her way, she would throw a tantrum. She took forever when she used the bathroom – hey dude, I need to use the bathroom as well!
My roommate always rebelled against the rules made by my host parents. There was one time when she argued with my host mom — I don’t know what she was arguing about – and being a drama queen as always, my roommate decided to hide in her closet.
Yeah, she succeeded in getting attention. We were so panicked at the time because she was missing from the dining hall! Me and my host parents tried to search the whole house but failed, so we assigned ourselves missions: My host parents drove their car around the block to find her, and I decided to retry searching for her around the house. I almost gave up until I heard something from upstairs which sounded like a voice talking at the phone.
She drove us crazy! My host parents talked to her dad and met with him to discuss my roommate’s behavior. We finally said goodbye.

“The Pooper”
I think my former roommate was the most disgusting roommate in the world.
My roommates and I shared the same bathroom, and there was one of them who NEVER flushed the toilet. The worst part? There were a few times when I found out he didn’t flush his poop. Ew, seriously, ew. I don’t think I need to tell more about it. I’m thankful I don’t live with him anymore

“The Ghosts”
I live with two roommates, but I feel like I live alone.
They literally never come out from their rooms, except for going to school or hanging out with their friends. I don’t know what they are doing in their bedrooms. Sleeping? Playing games? I’m not sure. I haven’t seen their faces since the first time I moved to this place – I can only hear their voices. I always eat my dinner alone.
Maybe other people will not think these roommates are annoying enough to be called ‘roommates from hell’, but come on, it’s sad living with two roommates yet you never see them at home.

“The Thief Next Door”
I happen to live in the same house with a guy who likes to steal.
If you judge him based on his appearance, you would never know that he likes to snatch valuable things away. He has stolen things from everyone in this house: $100 cash from my female roommate, $200 and $300 each from two of his friends who stay in the same homestay with me, and a necklace from my guy roommate. He also stole $20 cash but got busted by me and my other roommate. I was almost a victim too.
There was one time when I found my door wide open, which is weird because I always close my door tightly but thankfully I lost nothing. I’m glad that I never left anything valuable in my room.
The worst part? He used my guy roommate’s credit card without permission to buy a cellphone for the price of $1,000. Can you imagine that? I never locked my bedroom door before, but thanks to him, I always lock it now.

“The Gambler”
One day, my roommate barged into my room and said that he wanted to borrow my money.
I asked him why, and he said he needed money to pay a friend who lent him money to buy things for his family. I refused, but this guy kneeled down and begged me. I guess I was too naïve and foolish at the time – I lent him $800. But, I made him sign a contract which stated I would call the police if he didn’t pay me on the due date.
My prediction was right: he didn’t pay me back when that day came. Even more surprising, I discovered that he also borrowed some money from my other roommate, and the amount is even more ridiculous: $1,500!
Both of us decided to call our host parents who were on vacation and they came back home. We warned this guy that we would call the police if he still didn’t return our money the next day. He was shaking because he was going back to his home country the next day and he still didn’t have the money to pay us back.
Long story short, he borrowed our money because he had a loan at the bank which was worth around ten thousand dollars. Guess what he used that money for? Gambling. Well, at least his friend paid his debt to us, and at least he’s not living with us anymore.

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