Program brings students to Stevens Pass

With only 15 minutes left until the charter bus took off and drove the entire crew back to campus, Luke Schwettman kicked himself into overdrive and did a couple more snowboard runs.
He first found a mountain bike trail to ride on where he hit some jumps and as he got nearer to the bottom, he found himself in the terrain park under the one of the lifts where he hit all of the jumps, leaps and gaps for the first time.
That was how Schwettman wrapped up a long day at Stevens Pass.
The ski trip was held by SCC Intramural Club and brought 40 SCC students to Stevens Pass on Sat, Feb. 13.
“It was kind of like a mini vacation,” Schwettman said. “You only have to pay for the trail pass or the lift ticket. If you go by yourself, you have to pay for gas, you gotta get food, all that stuff.”
Alan Zhang, an international student from China said he walked away from the ski trip with a more heartfelt passion for skiing.
“The run I had in Snowcase was a little scary,” he said. “The slope was long, steep and it went all the way down from the top of the mountain to the bottom with no place to rest.”
He said it felt great to conquer the mountain and most importantly, he said with a laugh, “I survived.”
Zhang started skiing in Switzerland last year, and transportation had always been a problem for him in the U.S. since he’s not a car owner. He said it was really helpful to just be on campus and get the transportation he needed.
Zhang also said Stevens Pass was a great fit for him since there were “a handful” of ski range choices to pick from. “It has a lot of ranges with different difficulties,” he said. “I like the feeling of having many options.”
Ahmad Alsaif, another student and an assistant in the International office said that he not only appreciates the pricing and transportation, but also the socializing opportunity that came from several hours of skiing and sitting on the bus with other students.
Even though it wasn’t his first time seeing snow, he still appreciates every snow experience since he came from Saudi Arabia, a country where it never snows.
“It was really beautiful for me,” he said. “This is the longest period of time I spent in snow (From 12 to 7 p.m.). Even if you’re not gonna ski, or you don’t know how to ski, you are gonna enjoy the view.”
Stacie Attridge, the Intramural Coordinator thought the biggest appeal of this trip was the experience that students could get out of it.
“A lot of students had never even been on a snowboard before,” she said. “Most of the students that went were international students, so it was a great opportunity to see a different part of Washington that you might not get to on your own and… to see the snow!”
Attridge also said the Ski trip was beginner-friendly (most of the participants were beginners) and they all had a fair chance of going up the mountain. Snowboarding and skiing lessons from staff at Stevens Pass were also available.
The Ski Trip was subsidized by the Intramural program, which is funded by the SS&A fee. According to Attridge, the intramural club had been hosting ski trip to Stevens Pass for about 15 years and she believed that next year would be no exception.
“I hope everybody had a good time and just telling all their friends about it,” she said. “Hopefully, next year there will be a big excitement and people looking forward to be able to go!”
Remember when you were young and looked out the window to see this tiny white icy stuff all over your yard? Remember the excitement you felt when you yelled “it’s snowing” to your parents all while running around with your little kiddie feet?
Well I do, cause it happened to me last week on the ski trip.
Hong Kong, where I am from, is a place where it only snows in a snowglobe. It was something I had only heard about – my parents told me it was a scam thought up by travel agents. Snowball fights only existed in video games and snowboarding only happened in really awful math problems.
Despite being too financially challenged to ski or snowboard, I still had an awesome time at Stevens Pass. Being able to put my hands out and see the snow fell on my glove, or throwing mega-sized snowballs at my friends… I’ve never had moments like these, and the experience was priceless.

_Calvin Li

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