News Brief

  • Grounds crew saves little critters
  • Scued from a storm drain by SCC’s grounds and maintenance crews.
  • The ducklings fell into the drain while walking across it with their mother. The family was reunited after an hour-long rescue operation.
  • The mission began when grounds worker Andi Tjan heard quacking near the southeast corner of the PUB. Tjan went to investigate and found a female mallard quacking and running around a storm drain. When he looked into the drain, he saw two of the ducklings and immediately called maintenance.

  • Crew workers Tommy Harvey, Duane Oesterich, and Tony Diaz found ducklings in three separate storm drains and quickly formulated a plan to round them up.
  • Each worker opened a drain, then gently scooped the ducklings out of the water and onto solid ground. When they had five ducklings out, the mother duck appeared to be satisfied and began leading them away before the remaining ducks had been rescued. Warehouse Operator Ed Phipps then joined in to corral the family back to the drain area.
  • Once 10 of the ducklings had been saved, the rescuers thought they had them all, but Harvey heard another chirp in one of the drains. Reopening the drain, he found the last duckling. Unlike the other 10, this one seemed frantic, swimming in all directions and away from the crew, but the rescuers did not give up and had soon lifted the last duckling to safety.
  • All the baby ducks ran to their mother, who took them under her wings.
  • Oesterich stopped traffic on the road while the mother duck and her 11 ducklings crossed, venturing into a nearby ravine.
    “It was really awesome,” said Facilities Secretary Sherri Walley.
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