Coffee, fries and sub-par pizza pies

I’m usually pretty good at grabbing a bite before I head out of the door but as the quarter draws
to an end, simple tasks like putting a bagel in my face fall by the wayside.
Enter the SCC cafeteria.
The SCC Cafeteria and I have a love/hate relationship (is there any other kind?).
I frequent the coffee dispenser located there a few times a week. It may be that the coffee
doesn’t go through a five minute hand crafting process but the coffee in the cafeteria is the best
on campus. My only gripe has nothing to do with the coffee but the fact that a refill into a
reusable cup costs the same as a disposable cup of the same size. $1.50 for 12oz or $1.95 for
16oz. I suppose cups are free, or maybe the difference goes toward sustainability projects.
Like I said, love/hate.
One thing in the cafeteria has made a home on the hate side.
When I think of pizza, I think about the obvious dinner choice for Netflix and chill or birthday
parties back in the day.
My first bite of SCC’s pizza almost ruined those images for me permanently. I took a second
bite only because I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t bitten into a dish sponge after spaghetti night. It
was so lukewarm that I couldn’t help but think that someone actually calculated the exact
distance to keep a pizza from a heating lamp just to make me this sad.
The pizza was, of course, covered in a plastic­rubber­cheese hybrid that slipped of the slice,
and left a trail of watered­down tomato sauce on my chin. I can’t even tell you how the pizza
bone (crust, my favorite part) tasted, because my plate was in the trash in a flash. $2.65 gone.
While I may never eat the pizza again, something at the cafeteria that keeps me coming back.
Waffle fries are the reason I ‘forgot’ my lunch on a couple long study days. You simply cannot
go wrong with a giant heap of tessellated carbs, especially if they are deep­fried. And you know
they are.
My first order of waffle fries was served in less than a minute, fresh out of the fryer. The chef
sprinkled some salt on them, with a skillful pour, and handed the heap of potato goodness over
with a smile. The first bite was sans ketchup to see how the fry stands alone. Exactly what I
expected: crisp and hot, with an exquisite balance between the hot starch and light­salty
coating. My second bite was elevated with ketchup.The condiment complimented the savory
flavor with a nuanced sweetness that lingered after every bite. Each bite set up the next and
before I knew it I was at the bottom of the basket.
There are a plethora of options in the cafeteria, but at $1.95 waffle fries are satisfying treat that’s
hard to beat.
The staff is always friendly, the line is usually short and if you forgot your lunch then the SCC
Cafeteria has your back. You know, since it’s your only option.


_Troy Atkinson

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