SCC Dolphins are now swimming in a live stream

In the past if you wanted to watch Shoreline basketball but you were unable to get to campus, you were out of luck. Not anymore. Now if you wish to watch Shoreline play, you can simply go online and watch a live stream with commentary.

For around a month now Shoreline has been working with Snohomish Times Sports Network (STSPN) to record and broadcast live Shoreline basketball games. STSPN also uploads all the games they film to their site and the Shoreline athletic YouTube account.

“It’s a pilot project,” explains special assistant to the president of communication and marketing Jim Hills.
STSPN is a sports network based out of south Snohomish that has been around for five years broadcasting high school sports in the Snohomish area. Shoreline, who was a sponsor of high school streaming in the north west, approached STSPN and asked them if they were interested in making the jump to college athletics.

“Of course we were happy to,” commentator Keith Nealey said. Nealey, who has a degree in broadcasting, works for Kiro TV when he’s not broadcasting for STSPN.

Nealey has covered countless MLB games and Olympics, but holds a special passion for college and high school sports.

“It used to be you would only get to be televised once or twice,” Nealey said. Even then he explained, you had to be a very good team. Technology now has enabled more teams to be broadcast in multiple forms of media. Nealey hopes to give athletes something that they can pass along to their family and give them something to remember their athletic experience.

By working with STSPN to broadcast athletic events, Shoreline hopes to accomplish several different things.

“It gives out of state players’ families the chance to see their kids play,” Athletic Director Steve Eskridge said. Eskridge explains that last year a former staffer at Shoreline would stream games for out of state families. STSPN now will continue to provide this service.

“We hope to increase exposure for student activities,” Hills said. Admittedly, increased exposure and large viewership of the stream is a step in the future. Hills admits that they haven't put out a ton of advertisement about the stream yet. “This is our opportunity to see how this group works.”

As for the product, the result so far has been positive.

“The quality of the video is about what you would expect, the commentary even better,” Hills said. “So far we’ve been pleased. They seem to be pros.”

Eskridge also agreed, echoing the same feelings about the commentary, adding that he has been extremely pleased with the quality as a whole.

Shoreline is currently the only school in the NWAC live streaming their games with STSPN, but there is the possibility of it expanding to other teams.

“I think it would be a nice synergy,” Hills said when speaking of the idea. The reality is all schools are already filming their games.

According to NWAC rules the host team must provide a DVD to the visiting team within 24 hours of the end of the game. These rules are in place for scouting purposes.

As STSPN streams the games, they are also creating archival footage of the games on YouTube. So in theory the home team would be able to pass along a URL link to the YouTube channel to comply with this rule, but as the rule stands this does not comply.

“It has to be a DVD,” Hills said, not a URL or a thumb drive, but a physical DVD. “My understanding is the NWAC is reconsidering these rules.”

Assuming the NWAC rules are amended, all teams would potentially be able to use the streaming service to comply with these rules.

“I think down the road all of us will probably end up doing it eventually,” Eskridge said, who also hopes to see the streaming expanded to more than basketball. “We’re hoping to do most of our games with the live stream.”

According to Eskridge, if they can figure out the financials they hope to have streaming of softball, baseball and all other Shoreline athletics.

When all is said and done only time will tell where the partnership leads.

“At the end of the season we will assess the success of it and go from there,” Hills said.


According to NWAC rules the host team must provide a DVD to the visiting team within 24 hours of the end of the game. These rules are in place for scouting purposes. - Dennis Wong YOR Health

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