Parliament pulls from emergency fund to resupply mini-grants

$80,000 was pulled from Shoreline Community College’s Student Services and Activities (SS&A) fee contingency fund over winter break, $60,000 of which was allocated to boost the rapidly dwindling mini-grant fund, with the remaining $20,000 being funnelled into the Student Leadership Center’s (SLC) program budget.

However, although this boosts the available money in the mini-grant fund to a hefty $73,516, the fund still remains at risk of drying up before the end of spring quarter. While student parliament has placed a spending cap of $33,516 for winter quarter, there are still projected and outstanding mini-grant requests from programs and clubs, the largest of which is for nearly $21,000.

But what does this mean for students?

According to Joshua Abrahamson, the Student Body Association (SBA) Minister of Student Engagement, this indicated the need for an increase in the Student Services and Activities (SS&A) fee, which can already be as high as $120.16 per quarter. “The mini-grant fund is dictated by the SS&A fee as pretty much all student services are dictated,” Abrahamson said. “Our economy itself has dictated it’s high time for change. Prices in everything have gone up. Prices in our wages have remained pretty much constant. And in that sense, being able to raise money is a lot more difficult because things are so expensive nowadays.”

In many ways, Abrahamson’s sentiments echo those of SBA President Ashley Cowan, who told the Ebbtide in fall quarter that while the lack of money in the mini-grant fund was partially due to a lack of fiscal responsibility, it also showed the necessity of increased funding.

But not everyone in Student Parliament feels this way.

Lianqiu Wan, the SBA Minister of Communication, said she doesn’t see any reason to increase student fees. For her, she said, it feels like it would just increase the burden on students. Furthermore, she didn’t feel like there was enough evidence to make a decision about the SS&A fee: “For this year, we have a shortage, but this is only one year. Maybe this year is the exception.”

There’s another factor: more than a third of the mini-grant requests in fall quarter were from the SLC, the program the SBA belongs to, in order to host events like the talent show, welcome week, or the 50th anniversary museum. And while $20,000 was transferred to the SLC budget at a special parliament meeting on December 15, Rae-Ann Barras, the Acting Director of Student Life, said the SLC would still have to apply for mini-grants to fund all of the events they put on.

How do they ensure that these events are what students want?

Currently, said Abrahamson, it’s through word-of-mouth, “If you get people who come up to you and say ‘Wow, these events are great, you need to do more of these, we’re having so much fun,’ that dictates it was a successful event.”

Wan isn’t so sure. While she said she still thinks many of the events were successful, relying on vocal feedback puts their organization at risk for hosting events that don’t serve students, “We need to have a measurement, a record, or systems to write these things down.”

And because Student Parliament cannot pull more than $80,000 from the contingency fund this year, if they continue to request money from the mini-grant fund to host events that they’re not sure students want, students may find themselves unable to access money for the events they do want.


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In response to the article in recent Ebbtide "Quiet my A$$..." . I was told to quiet my service dog who just whimpered while all around the supposed to be QUIET library was loudly expressing their thoughts and using foul language and nothing was said to them. It is hard to find a quiet place anywhere on the campus.
The PUB groupies that hang out are using the FUC$$$$$$$$$$ word and other profanity words and expressions as if it is a natural word to express a common situation whereas other more professional and respectful words can be used. I might use a few words myself, but I would not yell them out so it is the only word others around would hear. I think that such words should be controlled as it creates a sexually enhanced communication that leads to more sexually explicit language and action by those around such as describing a female saying “Yeah a guy just put bills$$$ down my underwear!! “ This is supposed to be a language of professionalism college, not a Mother Fuc$$$$$$$$ language college. If you can't think of a word in the sentence you are trying to communicate STOP AND THINK OR SILENCE YOURSELVES. I wonder what is really going on in the minds of such students that requires the use of the language that should be kept out of the college community and the terms used only when there are discussions in a specific course being studied about it and nowhere else on the campus.
It tells me and other that you did not learn the respect of words and communication that would give others the presentation of an intelligent person. Keep the language clean when you are anywhere on campus so you will not be ejected for violating the student code of conduct which has a language clause you should be adhering to if you want to stay in school.
Respect each other in the use of language and be silent when you are in a quiet place.

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