Word On The Street: What is the craziest prank you’ve ever seen?

“Some friends of mine at WWU
pranked their roommate
while they were out of town
for the weekend; they turned
everything in the room sideways…
the bed… everything.”
- Olivia Basener

    “When I was stationed in the
    Marines I heard of a few guys
    who got their friend really drunk
    for his promotion; when he
    was passed out they got two
    big dudes to hold him over
    a railing on the second floor
    of one of the barracks and
    they Saran wrapped him to
    the railing and wrote ‘don’t get
    hammered’ across his chest.”
    - Tho Nguyen

    “For our senior prank in high
    school we put fish guts in the
    ventilation… it took them like
    two weeks to find it, and by
    then the entire school smelled
    like dead fish. The night of
    the prank somebody painted
    ‘June 8th’ on the roof… it had no
    relevance to anything, it was just
    a day about a week before
    graduation. The school took it
    really seriously and thought that
    it was a bomb threat or
    - Brenna Durnin

    “It was freshman year and camp…
    we knew we were going to get
    pranked. They zip-tied almost
    everything we had closed…and
    I couldn’t find my sleeping bag.
    Later I found my sleeping bag
    zip-tied to the flagpole at half
    mast under the flag.”
    - Nate Sampson

Photos by Brian Quinn


One of the best and easiest pranks to pull is to send glitter to your enemies. When they open up the envelope they get glitter everywhere.

You can send a glitter bomb for 7 bucks. Totally worth it.

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