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SCC: the City of Shoreline’s Hollywood

SCC's campus will become the set of a feature film this July as Shoreline alumni Sean Scott begins production of his new film "Pacific Aggression".

Audio Crew Mix Up the Sounds of Lethal Weapon

This quarter, the class of 16 students have been recreating all of the audio for the 1987 film “Lethal Weapon”.

It’s difficult to notice the amount of sounds that comes from any given environment, but that’s exactly what students in Steve Marlot’s audio engineering class have found themselves doing since the beginning of Spring.

This quarter, the class of 16 students have been recreating all of the audio for the 1987 film “Lethal Weapon”.

Last Chance to See the Biggest Show in SCC History

Sweeney Todd’s last weekend of shows starts Friday, 5/24, 2013

Soft Spot- Cloud Computing

Today, Softspot introduces two recommended cloud services for users: Dropbox and Google Drive.

Theater Set for Sweeney Todd to Rise Above the Rest

The crew of SCC’s biggest production to date discuss the trials of creating the musical’s backdrop

Best of the Northwest Film Fest

A pool of student films get pitted against each other in a fight for first place

With 70 degree weather on a beautiful day, going indoors to a film festival is the last thing on the minds of most, making the second annual Northwest College Film Fest suffer low attendance.

But was leaving the sunny afternoon worth it? Absolutely.

Savings by the Bell

All these student ID cards are making me rich!

Sips & Nibbles- Issian

Issian 1618 N 45th St Seattle, WA 98103 206.632.7010

An unfamiliar string of Japanese syllables greet me as I walk through the door of Issian. I just wave and hope the employees are actually happy to see me in their establishment.

It's a sunny Tuesday afternoon and the indoor Japanese stone grill and sushi bar is nearly empty. This is my first visit to the Wallingford restaurant for happy hour, which lasts from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily, and I'm excited to try some new options from the menu.

Fine Arts Graduates Present Final Gallery

There he sits, alone in a casino, surrounded by squirrels who mix cocktails and deal cards. His jowls dangle over his right forearm that rests on the counter, and he gazes blankly past the drink in his left hand. He’s a St. Bernard, and he’s clearly lost one poker game too many.

“The project was to combine yourself with two animals,” Painter Greg Storts said. “I ended up using seven figures total. I thought about how dogs are always chasing squirrels but never catching them. It’s kind of like gambling.”



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